National “Slayer Day” A Day of Remembrance

I feel like a complete phony! If it weren’t for one of the more intrepid metal minds in my facebook friend feed I would still be utterly oblivious to the fact that their even was such a thing as “National Slayer Day” but apparently there is. And in celebration here’s an admittedly awesome video of muppets mashed up with Slayer’s “dittohead” from the album “Divine intervention”

And in keeping with the spirit of National slayer Day (and really in the spirit of this blog now) I remember this one time I was in Brisbane with Mark at the tale end of a tour and we had gotten tickets from our buddy Darren Hawthorne to go see Slayer at some venue right next to the river (name escapes me…not important)

The show started innocently enough, we went and got a couple of drinks, dodged a couple of hessians lighting trash on fire saw a punch up or two (ya know, usual type metal show stuff) and started mock head banging to Slayer while they played “Rain in Blood” trying to fit in. All of sudden this bogan in front of me turns around, stops me in the middle of my dance and asks*

“Oi Cunt, were you wearin your Hat backwards earlier?”

I replied “I don’t think so, I haven’t been here that long”

To which he said “That’s good, Blokes get stabbed with backwards hats at Slayer Concerts”

He then proceeded to show me the knife he had in his pocket, grinned, and turned around to watch the rest of the show…

Anyway… that was the last time I wore a hat to a Slayer concert.

* Denotes “Best Read in Really Exaggerated Australian accent”