July 13th, “International Anarcho Punk Day”

warning! Expletive Laden “Anarcho” language ahead

So Chumbawamba called it quits today eh? Who cares! Fuck Em! They Haven’t been a good band for a long damn time…and they’re the ones who pissed on their own pissed stain anarcho colors years ago…so good fuckin riddance. I for one am glad that they’re gone, leave the space wide open for next generation of anarcho punk geniuses who will eventually write one of the worst God damned pop songs the world will ever fucking hear.

So I say we celebrate…and if you don’t agree with my idea to celebrate WELL FUCK YOU, I didn’t wanna celebrate with you anyway…I’ll fuckin celebrate MYSELF…how fuckin Anarcho is that?

but if you do decide to partake, spread the word by placing links from your favorite youtube anarcho video songs (crass, Rudimentary Peni, flux of Pink Indians…up to you) on every inappropriate facebook wall you can find!

I’m talking Mom’s Grandma’s Aunt’s and Uncles bosses Ex-Girlfriends, Current Girlfriends, current boyfriends, current girlfriends current boyfriends that you really don’t like…shit like that. Why would you do this you ask? Because it’s fucking HILARIOUS that’s why.

they’ll be all “Ryan, i saw you posted a link on my wall…what exactly is a Cosmetic Plague? Are you coming over for dinner on friday?” and then you will laugh your little anarcho punk balls off… for at least an afternoon…

and for those of you unfamiliar with anarcho punk (or those too silly to do their own google search) here is a handy list of youtube links of classics that are guaranteed to drive the people who respect and love you up a wall
Rudimentary Peni: Cosmetic Plague
Flux Of Pink indians: Tubes disaster
Subhumans: Religious wars
Crass: Punk is Dead

Image proudly stolen from this jerk! Maybe!