Guttermouth “Goes on Vacation” (A Little Backstory)

Dave got punched on stage by the fat dude who kept calling Mark a little girl, (that was no big deal)
the same fellow also threw a full beer bottle at Justin while we were rending insults onto the crowd (once again….no problem there)
According to legend he also stole the Guttermouth T-shirt he was wearing whilst preparing to deliver a righteous beat down upon Mark which was pretty annoying.

But I think the straw that broke the kangaroo’s back in this particular melee which led to the dick move (and it was a dick move, I’m not debating that, although a pretty sweet ninja dick move) which proved to be his ultimate undoing was when he made fun of my Frenzal Rhomb t-shirt (off camera) and said that Lindsay Macdougal was born with a face only a radio could love, at which point someone made the dubiously informed decision to choke him out from behind with said T-shirt… yup